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Books by Sheila Peele-Miller

Painted Picture

Price: $16.00 + 2.75 S&H

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Sheila Peele-Miller
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Chicago, IL 60660

Painted Picture is now available at:

African American Images  1909 West 95th Street
Chicago, IL  60643

Full Circle Books
11018 South Halsted Chicago, IL

And all major bookstores.

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ISBN 1-4184-6726x.

“Painted Picture is a sad picture into the life of an abused woman, Miller tells the story with hope and conviction. This is a page turner that can’t be put down.”

–Cheris F. Hodges, author of Revelations



Alicia Hendricks comes from a home full of love and knows the true meaning of stability.

Born an unwanted child, Derek Hendricks is burdened by a lifetime of deeply embedded wounds.

With her heart set on being the perfect little Misses, Alicia finds herself in a desperate struggle to survive in Derek’s world of ups-and-downs-and-crazy-turnarounds when the mask of rage he has been hiding behind comes off and he introduces her to heartache like she never knew existed.

Determined not to give up on him or their marriage, when Derek’s family drama surpasses anything she would have ever imagined, and Derek and his conniving mother are the culprits behind the whole ugly mess, Alicia is forced to make one of two choices. To take another blow sitting down. Or to come out fighting.

Daylight Coming

Coming Soon…


  • Nicole ‘Nikki’ Kingston

  • Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Kingston

  • Alexander Julian Knight (aka Alex)


After too many years of being stuck in the marriage from hell , 38-year old Nicole ‘Nikki’ Kingston seeks happiness in a new career as a real estate developer and a steamy romance with Alex Knight – a younger man she met when he was just a lanky teen. Watching Nikki slip out of his clutches is a hard pill to swallow for her deacon husband, Jeff, whose sexual appetite borderlines perversion and who will use any means necessary to keep Nikki and Alex apart as well as take over her thriving business. Even if it means scandalizing her name and blackmail!

In love with Nikki from the first time Jeff introduced them, Alex – now a certified mechanic and everything a woman would want in a man- has two major goals. To make Nikki his wife and to do everything for her Jeff never did. It all sounds good when Nikki is lying in his arms and he is trying to love all of her troubles away but too many of Jeff’s antics are done with a lot of help from her saved and sanctified mother, Leola, who still bears a sizzling torch for Nikki’s two-timing – yet dead- father.

 Set in Evanston, Illinois, animosity, jealousy, lies, lust, and scorn make up this dramatic saga of everything a marriage, family, and a growing relationship should never be. It also teaches a lesson in love, respect and how much it means to forgive – but never forget – especially when death and honor are involved.